As a leading provider of Market Expansion Services in Vietnam with a focus on Healthcare, Dong A definitely strives to provide our clients with the appropriate and effective services. We offer these following services:


Logistics is considered as our strength. Services we provide include:

–  GSP Warehousing

–  Transportation and distribution (GDP Standard)

–  Authorized importation in Healthcare.

–  Cash collection and debt management.

–  KPI report and in-stock management.

–  Invoice management and tax report.

–  Various types of reports requested.

–  Packing and Labeling

–  Order fulfillment

–  Other services as per requirements.


Our distribution network covers 64 provinces and cities in Vietnam which includes over 600 hospitals and nearly 15.000 retail pharmacies.

Currently, the services we provide include:

–  Setting up distribution system

–  Getting orders and managing customer system.

–  Tendering in hospitals.

–  Consulting and managing distribution channels.

–  Other services as per requirements.


With the experience of 10 years working in this field, currently, we provide:

–  Brand building

–  Marketing programs – plan and execution (Media, PR, Trade, Digital).

–  Market research.

–  Customer habit research.

–  Product launching program.

–  Other services as per requirements.

Other services:

Besides Logistics, Sales, Marketing, we also provide the other serves as follows:

–  Product registration

–  Registration of intellectual property rights in the field of HealthCare

–  Operation license in Pharmaceuticals or Biological Vaccine products for the foreign companies doing business in Vietnam

–  Ordering from manufactures

–  Commercial representative

–  License for advertisement

–  GDP, GSP service consulting

–  Financial management consulting.

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