Ministry of Health: Toward no shortage of safe blood and blood transfusion

Dated 01.09.2013 morning meeting of the drafting committee, group editor Bill blood and stem cells have been taking place in Hanoi under the chairmanship of Prof Nguyen Thi Xuyen – Deputy Minister of Health – Deputy Chief BST bill on blood and stem cells.

According to calculations of the World Health Organization (WHO), in the developing countries based on each country’s population of about 2% of the population should donate blood each year. So in Vietnam, with about 86 million people will need 1.72 million units of blood. According to statistics from the Health Ministry in 2010 the amount of blood received 40% meet the demand for blood. Currently the use of blood is quite wasteful because medical facilities are performing complete blood transfusion due to insufficient conditions for the production of blood products. Work blood safety system has not built up the clinical transfusion tracking and manual blood still very backward.
Based on the experience of countries in the world and in the region to address the current shortage of blood and blood transfusion safety, governments have issued proposed the Blood Donation Law; donate blood after the National Assembly Act states issued the shortage of blood for emergency treatment and was solved fundamentally. Therefore shows the development of the Law on blood and stem cells is essential.
Date 16-11-2011 Health Minister issued Decision No. 4327 on the establishment of the Drafting Committee and Editing Group A bill on the blood and stem cells. On that basis BST shall: Survey evaluating the implementation of policies and laws on blood stem cells; collection and analysis of blood and the Law relating to stem cells of some countries; Building outlines, detailed draft bill on the blood and stem cells …. When the Law will contribute to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment, ensuring timely in ensuring the health status of the patient and the scientific application of modern advanced techniques in the field of stem cell blood .

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