Launched JoyFM Radio channel 3 – channel specialized health Hanoi Radio and Television

10.01.2013 morning in Hanoi, Hanoi Radio and Television officially launched JoyFM radio channels – specialized health channel.
Attending the ceremony were Prof. Nguyen Thanh Long – Deputy Minister of Health; Vu Ngoc Minh City – Deputy General Director of Radio Television Hanoi; Leaders and representatives from the Department / Department of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information and Communications, Broadcasting station in Hanoi, the news agency Press TV reported on plans and for the premiere.
09 On 18 May 2012, Channel 3 broadcast of Radio and Television Hanoi – JoyFM official channel broadcasting on 98.9 MHz frequency. Length from 6h00 to 24h broadcast daily. Joyfm radio channel is the only specialized health founded with the purpose of providing the necessary information about health, nutrition, disease prevention and treatment, as well as timely updates of information relating to health problems in the country, the region and the world.
JoyFM channel offers hundreds of categories rich and diverse as “Meet the famous doctor” is a program to exchange and interact directly with experts, leading doctors, listen to the advice of health; or “Whisper” is a program of exchanges, dialogue directly with the doctor, the psychologist about love and sex, in addition, the category “Doctors Joyfm” focuses on energy issues maternal and child health are also many listeners attention and love …
JoyFM – specialized health channel of Radio and Television Hanoi is divided into 25 themes cater to audiences in many objects of different ages. JoyFM with Sologan “For the health of Vietnamese people” will bring optimism and faith to love life for everyone: Life will always beautiful when you have good health 1.
Speaking at the ceremony Deputy Minister of Health praised the achievement, the contribution of television and the press agency in recent years has helped the Ministry of Health to convey information to people across all over the country. Health Radio channel information that people can access convenient, fastest, most specific and updated anywhere, anytime. At the same time, the health channel is channel information promptly, effectively, to advise people of issues relating to their health and help people prevent disease, reduce the overload for the health sector.

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