Treatment of urinary stones: lithotripsy method outside the body

Kidney stones, pyelonephritis’s syndrome is often different aggregation diseases, prolonged over time hopefully that will balance all patients, or will surge at a time very unpredictable increases.

Kidney stones are common condition called excretory system problems, stop filling the path of urine caused by gallstones. Stones are often caused in different positions. If the kidney is called kidney stones, stones in the bladder, the bladder and so called …

Gravel is usually composed of different types of minerals such as calcium oxalate stones calculas, phostate calculus, magnesium ammonium phostate, uric acid and cystine calculus calculus.

About 80% is caused by calcium oxalate calculus, while 20% is due to one of the four remaining categories.

Urinary stone disease is a condition that usually happens to people between 30 to 40 years of age, and usually happens for men three times more than women in the same age group.

The disease usually depends on the physical and chemical composition of urine is present in more or less, how long which resulted into large or small jelly. These stones were obstructing the road more or less urination, and urinary tract infections do cause pain and affect the health of the patient.


But the cause of kidney stones above 5, Oriental medicine put in 5 certified “forest,” means pain caused by:

1. Heat forestry: Diabetes intense, small leak in the heat caused kidney and bladder.

2. Blood Forest: Stock blood in the urine, red urine, urine is very unpleasant irritation and pain.

3. High Forest: Stock urine turbid water as rice water, like oil floating scum.

4. Forest Sa: Stock urine sands, small pieces such as mud, abdominal pain, back pain.

5. Forest Thach: Diabetes big stones, urinary pain, back pain intense.

In fact, the 5 types of pain (forest) are related to inflammation and urinary tract infections, bladder stones, kidney stones and wet out chyle modern medicine by discovering the stones on.


The cause to the illness

-Do Genetic: cystine stones and uric acid stones are often observed in patients with contact family has this disease.

-Do Congenital allergy: urinary tract largely by narrow junction ureter renal pelvis, ureter stenosis, bulging ureter, bladder neck stenosis, polycystic kidney …

-Do Wicked low air temperatures resulted in lower consumption Yuchi, bladder gasification unfavorable, long days in the urine impurities condense fossils (fossil forest).

-Do Diet: Pebbles easily established when regularly eat foods containing purine many components, oxalate, calcium, or phosphate, malabar nightshade vegetables America … are the foods that create oxalate stones.

Balance disc: The climate is hot, or dry in the tropics or the desert that affect the generation of gravel. However, this research does not have any obvious that just conjecture only.

Regarding treatment, according to medical evidence and the East based on past clinical circuit to select appropriate treatments. With urinary tract stones, treatment methods usually used are: clear heat, low chemical, forestry information, except jelly.


Gravel due to kidney damage, lower the heat Yuchi

Suddenly, back pain, back up or bent down every spine exam severe pain unbearable, white-faced, sweating, back pain bouts, pain spreading to the lower abdomen to the groin, because the path of the kidneys go through the groin. Red yellow urine, bloody. Tongue moss yellow, thick and dirty. Legendary circuit and useful power downs.

Diagnosis: Kidney damage, lower the heat to cause kidney stones

Allows treatment: Additional kidney, low thermal bar, the forest, only System


Tang spent 30 grams

Kim pre-draft 40 grams

Hai Arnica 30 grams

Talc 20 grams

Internal Statistics needle 15 grams

United Real circulate 9 grams

Microfossils 12 grams

Pi 9 grams Award

Lai fatherhood (yellow star) 9 grams

9 grams packaging forms

Alismatales 9grs

Field 9 grams

Frequencies assigned 9 grams

Continuous paragraph 9 grams

Bach presented element (gold star) 9 grams

Great apple 3 left


Drum expenditures, cash metal workshop and marine Arnica, talc, circulation royal estate, microfossils, Pi award, scouts Description: clear heat, forest information.

Shaking his simply-supported metal: Only blood.

Criss fatherhood, gender platinum-mail: Special Effects with renal pelvis fluid retention, informed that, waterways.

Single sample packs, field: Additional blood and kidney and bladder heat.

Frequency allocation, continuous segments: Chemicals low.

Apple band: tonic herbs and coordination.


UAT gravel due to low temperatures

Symptoms of primary real estate, a primary, elementary pain, cloudy urine, heavy man, abdominal pain, back pain soreness from the other day over months, not mentally lucid, sometimes painful limbs, neck, shoulders.

Diagnosis: Low temperature to cause kidney stones crowded.

Allowed values: clear heat, low chemical, forestry information, jelly shaft.

Axis Thach Thang

Kim pre-draft 40 grams

Hai Arnica 20 grams

Birth place 12 grams

Bach thược 9 grams

Amber part 3 grams

6 grams rustic flavor

Internal Statistics needle 6 grams

9 grams standalone operation

Frequencies assigned 9 grams

Licorice 3 grams


Draft needle money, customs Arnica: Update forestry, fossil axis.

-They Beat, internal needle Statistics: Stop the bleeding and urinary retention canopy.

-Born Address, thược transparency: Qing blood heat, blood sugar, a diuretic, anodyne.

Hook taste: pepper gas and low dissipation.

-Read Operation, frequency allocation: Standard low.

– Licorice: Combine herbs

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