The students will also assemble fruit baskets for homebound members. Each child is asked to bring a couple pieces of fruit for the baskets. After the assembling, there will be a pizza party at noon. Dr. Kayal enjoys privileges at renowned hospitals in Bergen County and serves on the medical staff at both The Valley Hospital and Hackensack University Medical Center. Moreover, Dr.

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People began to starve. Over the following four years, the potato crop failed completely each time. Starvation and disease took a grip over the country. I hate to bet against a Canadian team, especially one from a city I have visited and love. But you know what? You could surprise me and I hope you do.Philadelphia Flyers vs. New Jersey DevilsNow my only experience with the Devils is that Martin Brodeur blew it in the Olympics, so my allegiance towards this team is nonexistent.But who cares about the Flyers really?So here I find myself between a rock and a hard place, and I guess I will have to pick New Jersey, because although Brodeur fouled things up and was pulled in favour of Luongo for the 2010 Olympics, he did not screw up in the 2002 Olympics.You’re safe for now Mr.

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