Us under fire over airport security crackdown The judge, the head of the city council, and a group of civil servants have been attacked by angry citizens since news first broke of the police raids, which took place after the ruling party had lost the last of the five elections held at the airport. fundas iphone 6 6s The police are facing accusations they targeted two airport employees and one police officer, among other officials. fundas huawei p20 pro The airport is the third most visited airport in the country after the Chinese National airport in Beijing and the Chinese Taipei airport in Taiwan. fundas huawei mate 20 “The judge and his relatives were just leaving and their plane was being hijacked by an unknown group of people, who assaulted their driver and passengers at the airport,” the city’s airport director told Reuters. fundas samsung galaxy j5 The judge was injured during the attack, but a security guard at the airport was not seriously injured. fundas samsung galaxy s9 plus Chinese authorities have been trying to stamp out street protests and cri바카라사이트ticism of government polici카지노 사이트es at the airport. China has been in deep recession since 2011, and local authorities are worried that the international airpor바카라t could draw foreign businesses in as they try to boost their business prospects. fundas huawei p20 With the economy in recession and unemployment at about 12 percent, more than half the population are under the age of 25, and most work in the domestic service sector, the state media has been critical of China’s leaders.